Welcome to RampCalc! RampCalc was written to help you design your mini-ramp using 4x8 sheets of plywood. Just enter dimensions and press Calculate. Enjoy!

RampCalc Help and Tips

  • For a print out of your design right-click anywhere in the Flash area and choose Print...
  • R: Ramp radius
  • Rf: Final radius including plywood and topsheet material
  • La: Length of the transition arc
  • Lb: Length of the base of the ramp excluding the deck
  • Ld: Length of the ramp deck
  • Ht: Height of the ramp including flat-bottom height
  • Theta: Slope of the ramp at the coping
  • Ts: Topsheet seam (4 ft arc length from coping)
  • Drr: Closest distance between 2 cuts (to help you account for saw blade width)

CAD programs

If you're looking for a good CAD program try AutoCAD, IntelliCAD or SketchUp. I have used both AutoCAD and IntelliSense and both are great programs if you can afford them. SketchUp is a nice alternative to the higher priced CAD programs. SketchUp offers a student version for pretty cheap. I recommend downloading it and trying it out.

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